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By Thomas NgMarch 11, 2021In Speaking Engagements

Virtual Global Leadership Summit: Discussing  Social Conscious and Purpose-Driven Business

Thomas was one of the panellists at Customised Training Solutions (CTS)’s Global Leadership Summit 2021: Transforming & Thriving Together. At the virtual summit, Thomas spoke on the topic of “Social Conscious and Purpose Driven Business.”

Prior to the five-day summit, Thomas was interviewed by Marelyn Velasco of CTS. In the pre-summit, Thomas clarified how his entire staff works from home using communication and internet technology and tools.

At the Global Leadership Summit, Thomas was joined by 3 other panellists who are also in the “Business as a force for good” sphere. Thomas broke the ice by introducing his corporate, expat, and garden leave background and how they brought him to establish Genashtim.

As other panellists talked about their experiences in purpose driven business, Thomas too used the opportunity to highlight the sense of purpose that engendered in him and how he put it into action.

Thomas clarified that Genashtim has been implementing a remote work model and delivering eLearning solutions for 12 years now. “When the pandemic hit, Genashtim became one of the “sexiest companies” due to the nature of work and services,” he enthused.

Thomas outlined 5 reasons for doing what he does:

People who are seeking self-gratification rather than money

Customers seeking to buy from socially responsible businesses

Funding from banks that are socially conscious and doing “impact investment”

Compliance where stock exchanges and governments tighten regulations to make businesses socially responsible

Cost-saving by being vigilant about resources utilisation

The summit progressed to Thomas speaking about how his personal purpose align with the company – some of Genashtim’s staff are in the company because they want to support the social impact that forms the company’s core.

In a bona fide moment, Thomas shared about how he was an expat and is not quite proud about some of the things he did. On that wavelength, Thomas concluded that currently, sticking to what he believes as right is the way to go for him and Genashtim.

The summit ended with a wheel of fortune where the winner gets to do an eCornell programme given away as a surprise gift by Thomas.

svgBrands for Good 2020, Distinction for Leadership for Good
svgAsia Pacific Social Innovation Partnership Award (APSIPA), Inclusive Business Award 2021