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Bintang Capital Conference News Article for Thomas’ Website

On 6 March 2024, Bintang Capital Partners in collaboration with B Market Builder Southeast Asia (SEA) organized the impact conference “Building a Better Future Together”. Held at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur, the event featured five speeches and two engaging panel discussions. Representing Genashtim and B Market Builder SEA, Thomas Ng joined as one of the speakers at the event. He also participated in an intellectual dialogue and exchange alongside eight other panelists, with a focus on ESG and the B Corp movement.

The first panel discussion titled “The Competitive Edge of ESG” highlighted the need for companies to adapt to modern ESG standards to remain competitive in today’s impact-focused economy. The discussion also introduced the attendees of the conference to the B Impact Assessment, a quantitative evaluation tool that enables businesses to measure and understand their actual impact.

The panel addressed the increasing focus on ESG within the financial industry, with stricter reporting standards and stakeholder demand for greater accountability. Moreover, companies were encouraged to view ESG credentials, like B Corp certification, as a step toward becoming sustainable and not just as a badge of honor.

The second panel discussion focused on the challenges of achieving B Corp certification, specifically when it comes to adhering to B Lab’s stringent benchmark, which demands extensive data collection and supply chain management efforts. The enlightening discussion equipped the attendees with a better understanding of the significance of ESG and the B Corp movement and the need for businesses to adopt ESG principles to secure their future.

As one of the visionary leaders in ESG business practices, Thomas Ng was delighted to be a part of such a stimulating conference and contribute to the engaging dialogue on ESG and sustainability. Thomas’ involvement in the conference underscores Genashtim’s dedication to leading the charge in sustainable business strategies.

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