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    By Thomas NgAugust 5, 2019

    Workplace Counselling

    Genashtim started offering workplace counselling services to its employees around June 2018. Our counsellor is Marcia Evans from Jamaica. Marcia is a

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    By Thomas NgMarch 14, 2017

    Did You Notice This About Classroom-Based Training…

    I attended a short training session this morning on Blue Ocean Leadership. I am not going to comment about the quality of the training and the topic, but rather on the mode of delivery. It was just a two hour session. The most engaging parts of the session was when videos were played. There were […]

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    By Thomas NgSeptember 27, 2016

    Salman Khan The Khan Academy

    The Khan Academy phenomenon lives on, with more than 9,000 videos on more than 65 languages. This Ted Talk by Salman Khan way back in 2011 has some profound learnings: 1. He found that kids prefer a video of him teaching them, rather than him teaching them in person, because… – in video, he can be paused […]

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    By Thomas NgSeptember 25, 2016

    The Flip Classroom

    A couple of years ago, a seasoned educator friend explained the Flip classroom concept to me. Traditionally, a teacher would stand in front of a class and deliver a topic or subject to the class. At the end of it, the teacher would give some homework to the students. When the students are home, they […]

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    By Thomas NgDecember 22, 2015

    The Problem With Elearning

    I still encounter too often, resistance to eLearning within the corporate world. So when I was asked to write an article about eLearning, I thought I would approach it differently, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. Hope you enjoy reading it was much I did writing it (click here).

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    By Thomas NgDecember 7, 2014

    Digital Education in South Africa

    I would like to salute South Africa for taking bold steps in investing in the future.

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    By Thomas NgOctober 26, 2014

    Levelling the Playing Field in Education Taking It Another Notch

    Some years ago, I was on a plane to Bangkok, with my best friend, who has since passed away. He was in the real property development business. He commented that schools are probably one of the most under-utilized category real estate. Many rich people desire to build schools, particularly in the rural areas to reach […]

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    By Thomas NgSeptember 18, 2014

    Innovation is Not Just About Technology

    Whilst I keep preaching that with technology and the internet, we can reach most parts of the world, there are areas which are still not yet quite there. This example of an innovative solution for children who do not even have a desk in the classroom is one which I wish I had thought of (click […]

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    By Thomas NgAugust 17, 2014

    Levelling the Playing Field in Education

    In one of my earlier blogs about the state of funding for universities, and how online education is changing the game, I promised to write more on my excitement with how technology and the internet will trigger the revolution and evolution wherein the best content can be delivered by the best educators to most remote […]

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    By Thomas NgAugust 7, 2014

    Endorsement From Trainer of Trainers in Singapore Airlines

    One of my neighbours in Melbourne is Tommy Soh. He and his wife Marina dropped by for lunch yesterday, and we chatted about many things. He asked a lot of questions about Genashtim, in particular our EPiC Online program. What he had to say about how we run our business is so profound that I asked him […]

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