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MIDA Sustainable Forum: Thomas Ng Joins Distinguished Panel to Advocate Sustainable Business Practices

Thomas Ng, Founder and CEO of Genashtim Pte Ltd, recently took the stage at MIDA’s Sustainable Forum, where he engaged in a panel discussion about “Accelerating Malaysia’s Industry Commitment Towards Sustainability Goals”. Alongside three distinguished panelists, Thomas shared valuable insights on the theme, “Why is ESG More Important Now than Ever for Your Business?”.

The forum provided a platform for industry leaders who are committed to propelling Malaysia’s sustainability journey. As one of the visionary leaders in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) business practices, Thomas drew from his experience at Genashtim to shed light on the development of ESG initiatives and policies. He emphasized the crucial role ESG plays in shaping the current business landscape, particularly, disability inclusion, remote work models, and environmental preservation.

Thomas also underscored the urgency for businesses to establish ESG targets and achieve these goals, underlining the significance of fostering sustainable business practices that cater to everyone’s human needs. The event witnessed insightful discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas, crystallizing the imperative for companies to integrate ESG into their core strategies.

The key takeaway from the forum is clear – ESG is not merely a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. As businesses navigate a rapidly changing global landscape, ESG practices are crucial for long-term success, risk mitigation, and in creating a positive societal impact.

Thomas Ng’s participation in the MIDA Sustainable Forum reflects Genashtim’s commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable business practices. As we proactively propel the ESG revolution, we firmly believe that responsible business is not only good for the people and the planet; it’s a fundamental driver of long-term success. Together, let’s build a future where business and sustainability go hand in hand.

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