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By Thomas NgMarch 3, 2022In Published

Thomas Speaks about Inclusive and Sustainable Work Policies at GRI Expert Series

Now, more than ever before, companies have to get their human resource management (HRM) right in order to be successful. During the pandemic we have seen a swath of research and reports that highlight the need for more equitable and inclusive work policies, transforming how employers approach issues such as flexible working and employee wellbeing.

Talking on GRI Expert Series in January 2022, Thomas Ng cautioned that companies still have a long way to go to fully address sustainability issues through effective HRM.  According to Thomas, “There is not enough conscious recognition just yet for companies to include sustainability policies into business practices.”

What is discussed in this webinar is relevant to Genashtim’s mission to provide sustainable, meaningful, and gainful employment for the disadvantaged, especially for those from less-developed economies.

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