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By Thomas NgNovember 3, 2020In Speaking Engagements

MaGIC Virtual E-Nation Conference 2020: Propelling a Resilient Economy

MaGIC’s first E-Nation Conference was recently held virtually from October 20-23, 2020.The theme’s cornerstones for this year are: Embracing Change, Enabling Technology, and Empowering Societies. It was a timely conference where the Founder and CEO of Genashtim, Thomas Ng, spoke about the topic ‘COVID-19 Providing Opportunities for Marginalised Communities.’

In conjunction with the symposium’s 2020 theme, ‘Propelling a Resilient Economy’ was an apt topic for Thomas to share on the types of remote work that can be extensively applied, particularly on ‘tech jobs’ while quoting the relevant statistics to reinforce it. He also highlighted Genashtim’s social impact business model to illustrate gainful and sustainable job opportunities for the marginalised communities, highlighting that Genashtim is a for-profit commercial business entity, not a charity organisation.

Thomas’ insights about how new jobs will keep emerging and empowering those affected by multiple adversities compounded by the COVID-19 crisis were open to questions. He answered by tapping into his accumulated experience in a for-profit social impact organisation in the past twelve years.

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