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By Thomas NgAugust 5, 2019In Others

Workplace Counselling

Genashtim started offering workplace counselling services to its employees around June 2018. Our counsellor is Marcia Evans from Jamaica. Marcia is a HR professional who is passionate about counselling and has been richly blessed with a love for people. I was aware of the fact that employees do face various work-related and personal challenges and stresses, and I felt the need to engage someone externally for this purpose. The thought of counselling for our people came to me whilst I was watching one of my favourite series, “Billions”. I want Marcia to be our Wendy Rhoades. I also feel that the need for counselling is more profound in Genashtim as the vast majority of our people do come from more challenging situations and conditions than the normal employees in any company.

Counselling is available to everyone in Genashtim. They can choose to do this themselves, or can be referred by their G-Tribe leaders, or their supervisors. The intention is to provide a “safe place” so that everyone can be fearless about booking a session to work through their issues with the counsellor. Marcia does not disclose to anyone who she has been counselling. She speaks to me on a regular basis to tell me about any common issues which have arisen, which I should do something about. Again, she never discloses who. I also give her some updates on the issues that we have been facing in the company, so that she has the proper context to do her job properly.

Counselling helps employees see their problems in a different, usually brighter light. It gives them a different perspective and a changed mindset. Counselling helps them to refocus and get back on track. The counsellor may be able to help employees find their own solutions, but failing that, they will be given suggestions on how to cope with the issues.

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