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By Thomas NgJune 21, 2016In Published

Taiwan’s MANAGER Today Features Genashtim Founder and CEO Thomas Ng

Thomas Ng shares Genashtim's social impact business model, dubbed as the indifferent work methods design in this MANAGER Today article. The feature also highlights that Genashtim's business operations do not contribute to the human carbon footprint.

Thomas Ng shared on MANAGER Today the story behind Genashtim, emphasising on its social impact business model, dubbed as the ‘indifferent work methods design’. This indifference refers to its employees’ disabilities, while focusing is on their employment potentials. 

Thomas discovered that blind people were manning computers with effortless sleight of hand. Impressed by this, Thomas established Genashtim to employ visually impaired persons (VIPs) – he reinvented the work environment, enabling PWDs to work from home using wireless internet connection. 

Thomas stressed that Genashtim is a serious for-profit enterprise and not a charity company. Most of Genashtim’s customers are unaware that the staff members are disabled. The health conditions of employees are not made explicit because the focus is providing professional and quality services. 

MANAGER Today highlighted the fact that Genashtim’s business operations do not contribute to the human carbon footprint. No physical office space means lesser resources used. 

Being featured on MANAGER today gave Genashtim a platform to share its unique business model that empowers the marginalised by providing gainful and sustainable employment for them. 

Genashtim is also making a name for itself globally, centred in a business model that employs people with disabilities (PWDs). 

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